Allow Duplicates for Broad Match and Negative Keywords

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With Broad Match and Negative Keywords, "keyword software" has the same meaning as "software keyword". If the 'Allow Duplicates' setting is on, both phrases will appear in the editing area and treelist.




In options there is a default setting for 'Allow Duplicates' which applies to all new/loaded documents. When you first use the program, it is set to allow duplicates. You can also change the setting for each document by right-clicking in the editing area and clicking on the following button:




If 'Allow Duplicates' is on and you decide not to allow them, KeywordConvert will check for any duplicates and present you with a list of them. Using the above example, "software keyword" is a broad match duplicate of "keyword software" so that would appear in the list.




If you then click on the 'Remove Duplicates' button, any duplicates will be removed from the editing area and the treelist will show a green 'D' icon against any values which are duplicates of other keywords you may have entered.