Combine Words/Phrases Actions

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All Permutations: If you check All Permutations and are using more than one column, a greater number of permutations in the Exact Match and Phrase Match columns will be generated. So, if two columns are being used, as well as having 'First Word/Phrase' & 'Second Word/Phrase' combined in that order, you will also get 'Second Word/Phrase' & 'First Word/Phrase' combined - one extra combination.  If three columns are being combined, you will get five extra combinations.


Sorting: Click on the sort icon to have your results sorted in alphabetical order.  Click again to have them appear in the order you have written them.


Clearing text: To clear the text in a particular column, clear on the clear text icon just above that column.


Including results: To generate or exclude results from the text in a column, check or uncheck the 'Include column" checkbox.


SpellCheck: To spell check all of the Edit Words/Phrases columns, click on the spell check icon in the menu.  To download and add extra language dictionaries, look at Help.


Extra Words/Thesaurus: Click on the Extra Words/Thesaurus icon in the menu to get suggestions for additional words to use.


Move data between columns: To move data between columns click on this icon.




Right-Click Menu



Show Results in Lowercase: click to have your results appear in lowercase and click again to have your results appear as you have typed them.