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ExtraWords/Thesaurus allows you to find similar words that might be useful to add to your keyword lists. Please note that this feature will only be enabled if you have an English (UK or US) dictionary and Thesaurus installed.


ExtraWords will suggest similar words (like plurals), but may also include words that are not appropriate. Thesaurus words will show those entries from the thesaurus for the word that has been selected.


The left hand side shows the words already added to each column - [1]. Highlight the word you want to check and it will appear in the Word edit box [2] with the categories (ExtraWords and Thesaurus types) in the middle box [4]  and the suggestions in the bottom box [5]. You can also type any word in the Word edit box [2] and press the lightning icon [3] to get the list of suggestions. Highlight any of the suggestions you want to add and click one of the top green arrows [6] to include them in the list [8] to be added to one of your Combine Words/Phrases columns. To delete them from the list to be added, click one of the bottom green arrows [7].


Once you have selected all the words you want, select which column you want them to be inserted into and click 'Insert Words' [9].




ExtraThesaurusWords Numbered