Words/Phrases TreeList

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Select/Unselect: To select/unselect words/phrases in the treelist, click in the column for the word/phrase you want to select/unselect. Words/phrases that have been selected have a blue bullet in the appropriate column.




Select/Unselect Whole Column: To select/unselect a whole column of matches, click on the column title. If there are no matches,all words/phrases will be selected for that column; if all words/phrases are selected for that column, all will be unselected; and if there are only some selections, then all words/phrases will be selected.





Pasting Results: If you have a list of words/phrases, you can right click in the treelist and then paste the words/phrases into the list with the match value that you want.





Clear Blank Lines:




Sometimes you may find that you have words/phrases that you decide not to include in your list, like jogging footwear above. To remove these from the list, right click in the list and select 'Clear Blank Lines' from the menu.