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The Secret to Generating and Formatting Long Keyword Lists in Seconds

There are two keys to success with your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns - and KeywordConvert helps with both of them.

Firstly, you want to be able to format your keywords so that you get a chance to bid the most on the keywords that earn you the most money.

And secondly, you want to have a long list of keywords so that you can maximise the number of clickthroughs to your site.

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On one simple job, it took
4 mins and 15 secs to combine and format a short list of keywords manually.
KeywordConvert took 1 second.

How KeywordConvert helps

KeywordConvert allows you to use exact and phrase matching easily by instantaneously formatting keywords with square brackets and quotation marks.

What's more, it will also combine diiferent words to make phrases.

If you've got a long list of keywords, that's going to save you five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes or even longer.

All you need to do is to type or paste your keywords in..... and then you can generate your formatted words and phrases in seconds.


See how to generate and format long keyword lists using KeywordCovert.

"KeywordConvert saves me hours every day
when creating new campaigns"

"I found KeywordConvert about 3 years ago online after constant headaches with online tools that didn't perform how they should.

Being a desktop application, Keyword Convert is so quick to create targeted keyword lists large or small. The clients I coach can't believe how simple it is to use and it is normal for them to have created 000's of words in their account without much effort.

KeywordConvert saves me hours every day when creating new campaigns."

Ian Redford
AdWords Training Australia

Keyword Convert in action - saving lots of time

Imagine you are selling sports trainers and you have two lists of words that you want to combine and format for your AdWords campaign.

List 1


List 2

To manually do this (see completed list) took 4 minutes and 15 seconds. It's boring work having to copy and paste the words to make phrases, and then laboriously to add square brackets and quotation marks over and over again.

However, when you use KeywordConvert it only takes 1 second. That's a big difference in the time spent - and most keyword lists are longer so you're going to save even more time.

"It's a great tool in any SEO/SEM's toolkit"

I've been using KeywordConvert for over 6 months now, and it really makes a difference both in the quality of my work and in the time taken to finish it. It's a great tool in any SEO/SEM's toolkit.

Christian Watkins

'Click and Edit' your lists of keywords/phrases

Keyword Convert allows you to paste or type your lists of keywords/phrases and then 'click and edit' to select the right format option. You can also see at a glance which format option has been selected for each word/phrase.


See how the Words/Phrases List window works and how you can use it to check the selected formats of your keywords.

Generate Misspellings

KeywordConvert enables you to generate misspellings for your keywords/phrases.

The misspellings generated, using 'keyword' as the example word, are:

  • Change character: Replaces one character with another next to it on the keyboard -> jeyword, meyword
  • Double character: Adds one letter twice -> kkeyword, keeyword
  • Omit character: Replaces one character with another next to it on the keyboard -> jeyword, meyword
  • Change character position: Switches the position of two characters -> ekyword, kyeword
  • Omit space: Removes a space between words('keyword software') -> keywordsoftware

Additional Features

  • KeywordConvert also formats your negative keywords instantaneously
  • the Advanced Formatting option allows you to combine and format all the different permutations of columns so you could include, say, column 1 and column 2, and columns 2 and 3 combined, and exclude all the other options
  • the program can be downloaded with either a US or UK dictionary and thesaurus. French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish dictionaries can also be downloaded and used with the program
  • there's no limit on the number of keywords you can format

As someone who sets up a massive amount of Adwords campaigns, I found KeywordConvert really saved me a huge amount of time, not only in setting up the various keyword matching options, but also in combining various keywords together.

Also, it's easy to use - just type in your words and press!

To try the software out for 14 days at no cost, please click here.