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Latest Version:
Released:17th September 2012

The program includes a US English and UK English dictionary and thesaurus. Other dictionaries can be downloaded.

SnippetHub Professional Beta has a 150-day trial expiry by which time a new beta version will be available to download. After the 150 days, it will turn into SnippetHub Lite. SnippetHub Lite Beta is not time-limited and does not expire.

Professional Edition Beta
Lite Edition Beta


  • Changes - Both editions:
    Added: Searches can now be sorted by Snippet/Folder paths and you can view the paths in your search results
    Various bug fixes.
  • Changes - SnippetHub Professional
    Added: Filtering on snippet/folder titles and text in the main window.
    Added: Temporary Filter Views can be set.
    Added: Tags can now be included in your searches
  • Changes - Both editions:
    Added: Multiple top level folders now allowed.
    Various bug fixes.
  • Changes - SnippetHub Professional
    Added: Tables can now be created/edited
    Added: Snippet Links allow you to link individual folders/snippets to other snippets.
    Added: Tag Links shows you all the snippets with links to the tags that your current snippet is tagged with.
    Added: Filter Views allow you to create multiple filters to enable youfocus on a particular folder(s) and sub-folder(s) when editing/searching.
    Added: History. Now shows previous folders.
  • Changes - Both editions:
    Added: Unicode data can now be entered into the database.
    Added: Snippet Sorting. SnippetHub now allows the snippets in your folders to be sorted alphabetically or custom-sorted in the order you wish . More information in Help.
    Added: Add/Editing of hyperlinks.
    Various bug fixes.
  • Changes - SnippetHub Professional
    Added: Templates. These enable you to save and re-use pieces of text that you use alot.
    Added: Dual Pane snippet. SnippetHub allows you the option of having two panes for a snippet.
  • Changes - Both editions:
    Added: Syntax Highlighting. Select the computer language(s) you use from Tools -> Options and then right-click in the snippet editing area and select the language you want your snippet to be highlighted in. More information in Help.
    Various bug fixes.
  • Changes - SnippetHub Professional
    Added: Tags - you can now tag your snippets to create an alternative way of viewing collections of snippets. You can also see More information in Help.
    Added: You can now filter on snippet text as well as snippet titles.
  • Changes - SnippetHub Lite
    Moved to Professional edition: Viewing snippets ordered by when they were created and last edited, filtering snippet titles, history, viewing snippets and search in multiple tabs.
  • Fixed: There was an error if you double-clicked on the contents tab of an empty folder. It will now bring up a 'Create Snippet' dialog.
  • Fixed: A problem when you deleted multiple snippets and more than one was open.
  • The 60 day timeout for the Beta version has been removed.
  • Fixed: Bug when saving new snippet's data.
  • Added: Multiple tabs so you can open more than one snippet at a time.
  • Fixed: Various bugs - including for views, filtering snippet titles and exporting/importing data.
  • Added: In Options, you can change the dictionaries/thesaurus.
  • Fixed: Default font name and font size are now being set when creating a new snippet.
  • Fixed: When exporting data, you are now required to select an export format. Previously causing a crash if no export format selected.