Web Addresses

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Click on the MF_WebAdds icon in the main toolbar to get a list of web addresses in your current document.  This list also allows you to keep track of ones you have checked. 


To view a website, double-click on a web address which will then be opened in your browser.  


To select a result, right-click in the treeview and click on a result from the following menu:



Clicking 'Success', 'Failure' or 'Question Mark' will change the "Date Checked" field to today's date, whereas clicking 'Blank' will remove the date.


Data-sorting:  Click on the title bar for each column to sort the data in that column.  Data can either be sorted ascending or descending.


When you close your document, the list of checked web addresses will be saved and will appear again if you reopen the document and look at the Web Addresses form at a later date.


Updating Date:  If you reopen your document at a later date and want to update the 'Date Checked' field for a particular address, double-click in the 'Date Checked' column and the date will be changed to the current date.  You can also clear a date by right-clicking and then clicking on the 'Clear Date' icon.