Extra Spaces for Outlook Readers

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Users of Microsoft Outlook 2002 and above have an option to remove all the hard returns in a paragraph and so run all the lines together in one paragraph. It is a default setting. This means that formatting lines with hard returns after a certain number of characters

doesn't work because the hard returns are stripped out.


If you want your readers using Outlook to see your text in exactly the way you have formatted it, Text Formatter Plus can add three spaces to the end of each line (apart from the last line of each paragraph where it isn't needed) to your generated text. This means that readers in Outlook 2002 and above will see your text exactly the way you have formatted it.


When you first generate a document, you will be asked if you want this setting on.


You can also change this setting in Options and it will apply to each new document.


Or you can change it on a document-by-document basis, by right-clicking in either the 'Original' or 'Generated' tabs and changing the 'Add spaces at Line Ends for Generated Text' setting.