Hard Return Stripper

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The Hard Return Stripper allows you to convert a text document with line and paragraph breaks to one with just paragraph breaks which you can then copy to the main Text Formatter Plus window.



To access this, click the Hard Return Stripper icon in the main toolbar or go to Menu -> Tools -> Hard Return Stripper.  The Hard Return Stripper will open in a new tab to the right of the Snippets tab.


You can either open an existing document or paste from the clipboard. Your text will appear in the editor in the 'Original' tab on the left hand side.


Click on the Process icon to convert your document which will then appear in the Processed tab.


To clear existing text from the editor, press the Clear icon.


If you want to keep any existing new line formatting, click this icon.  It will show the current line (or any highlighted lines) in orange and ensure that this line of text is started on a new line when the text is processed. To reset the highlighted text, click the icon again.



Click for more information about the Hard Return Stripper.