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To set indents for the current paragraph or selected text, you can either:


1.  Use the following icons in the main toolbar to automatically set the right and left indents.  The indent spacing used will be that specified in the Misc tab of Options.



Increase Left Indent


Decrease Left Indent


Increase Right Indent


Decrease Right Indent



2.  Press Ctrl+Alt+N or right-click in the Original Editor and select 'Change Indent'.  If text has been selected, any changes will apply to all the paragraphs within the selected text.  Otherwise, changes will only apply to the current paragraph. This will bring up a dialog box where you can choose from Standard left indents (where the left indent will be the same for the whole paragraph), hanging indents (where the first line can have a different indent length from the remainder of the paragraph) or right indents.  Specify the indents required and select OK. 


To clear all indents in a document, right-click in the Original tab and select 'Clear All Indents'.  You can also right-click and select 'Clear Current Paragraph Indent(s)' if you are in a paragraph with an indent(s) or 'Clear Selected Text Indent(s)' if you have highlighted text and the selected text has an indent(s).