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Menu -> Tools -> Options




Font: Set the font for your documents.


Font Size: Set the font size for your documents.


Default Line Length: This specifies the default line length for generated documents.  Applies only to new documents.  For current documents, change the line length in the current document tab.


Original Text Margin: set the margins for the Original text.


Spell Check - Click on Configure and select the dictionary/dictionaries you want.  If there are no dictionaries available to be selected, check the Dictionary & Thesaurus List.


Thesaurus: Change the active Thesaurus.  Only UK & US English Thesauruses are available.


Bullet Points: Change the bullet point character for each of the three bullet point levels


Bullet Point Characters - Synchronize on Change.  If you change the bullet point character for any of the three bullet point levels, your current document (or documents that you reopen) may already contain the old bullet point character(s).  To have the old bullet point character(s) automatically replaced with your new selection(s), check the Synchronize on Change "Current Document" and/or "Other Documents" checkboxes.  If you change any of the bullet point characters, but prefer not to have them automatically replaced, an orange icon will appear on the far right of your status bar - MF_btBulletPointCharChange - whenever you reopen a document and the bullet point characters are not synchronised.  Click on the organge icon to synchronize the bullet point character(s), after which the orange icon will disappear.


Automatic Bulleting: Set automatic bulleting on or off.