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Text Formatter Plus allows you to format your documents to a specified line width which can be adjusted for each document:  You type the text you want to format in the Original Editor, click on the 'Generated' Button and your formatted text appears in the generated window.  Look at QuickStart for information on getting started and check What you can do with Text Formatter Plus for an example newsletter.


Text editing features include:


Emails: easily create emails from your generated text.
Choose font size:  the generated document can be viewed either in plain text (Courier), Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana. This allows you to check how readers are actually going to see the newsletter/ezine and make any changes to the formatting before you send it out.
Bullets: can be easily added to your documents. See Bullets information.
Indents:  Paragraphs can have left, right and hanging Indents.  Spaces are added to the generated document to replace the indents so they will be formatted properly in your ezine. You can choose the default number of spaces indented. 
Check web addressesCheck Web Addresses is a listing of all the web addresses in your document which allows you to click on the web address to launch your browser and keep track of web addresses that you have already checked.
Sometimes you may prefer that a particular word isn't the last word on a line, eg with a person's title appearing as the last word on a line in the generated text and the rest of their name appearing on the next line.  For words like these, you can add them to the 'Last Word' list so when your text is being generated, if the word is the final word on a line, it will automatically be moved onto the next line.        
Copy All:  the 'Generated' window has a 'Copy All' option on the mouse right-click.
Copy document as HTML: If you add your newsletter/ezine to your website, you can easily copy your document in an HTML format.
the 'Hard Return' icon will, when clicked,show all the hard return and space symbols in both the 'Original' and 'Generated' windows.
line and character numbering is available in both 'Original' and 'Generated' windows. See Options.
a number of different documents can be worked at the same time. They are accessed through clicking on tabs visible in the main working window
Find and Replace:  there is a 'Find and Replace' option that allows you to make global changes in any documents you are editing
Spell Check:  the Spell Check enables you to clear up any mispellings before your ezine is issued. Dictionaries for a whole range of languages, including US and UK English, can be downloaded.  There is also LiveSpell which checks your spelling as you type.
Thesaurus:  there is a thesaurus available which can help you with any words you are not certain about


Other features include:


Snippets:  regularly used dividers or pieces of text can be saved as Snippets and then easily inserted into the document being worked upon
Convert Existing Documents/Text with Line Breaks: The Hard Return Stripper allows you to remove the line breaks from each paragraph..
Favorite Files: a 'Favourite Files' folder allows you to access easily your most important files.