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A Snippet consists of a snippet name and a piece of text that can be inserted into your documents by typing or selecting the snippet name.  Snippet codes are kept in a tree view and are filed into folders.  You can create folders off other folders, so enabling you to easily organise your snippets.


Snippets and folders can be moved by dragging and dropping them to a new location.



Creating a snippet



1.  Highlight the text you want as a snippet in the text editor, right-click on your mouse and press the  AddSnippet_RightClickbutton. This will then take you to the Add/Edit Snippet form where you can specify the name of the snippet and the folder you want it stored in;  or


2.  Click on the snippets listing and right-click in the TreeView area where 'Snippets Codes' appears and choose the AddSnippet_RightClick button.



Inserting a Snippet




1.  Type the snippet code in the text editor and press the spacebar.  Your snippet code will now be replaced by the snippet text;  or


2.   Go to the Snippets Tab/Form.  Highlight the snippet code you want to insert.  Right click and then left-click on the Snippets_InsertIntoText button.  The snippet code will be inserted in the document you are currently editing.



Editing a Snippet


Click on the snippet you want to edit, then right-click and choose the Snippets_Edit_RC button.