Stripping Hard Returns a Document with Quoted Text Characters

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The Hard Return Stripper can deal with email text that has been replied to and so includes section(s) with quoted text characters - see example below:




Sometimes, some lines will have only one or two words and the paragraph will be difficult to read.  With the Hard Return Stripper, when you process the text, it will merge the quoted text lines into one paragraph and highlight the quoted text characters at the beginning of the paragraph.  The example above will look as follows in the 'Hard Returns Removed' tab after it has been processed:




You can right click in the 'Hard Returns Removed' tab and select what further action to take:


HRS_ProcessedRightClickMenu .


If you copy with hard returns or paste to new email with hard returns or generate your edited document, the quoted text characters (those which are highlighted in blue) will be added to the start of each line of the paragraph they are in.


If you 'Edit Document with Hard Returns Removed', Text Formatter Plus will open a new edit tab where you can make any changes you want and then, if necessary, you can generate your edited text when hard returns will be re-added. When you are editing, you are able to add or remove quoted text paragraphs.


Currently, the Hard Return Stripper automatically checks for the '>' and '|' characters in quoted text - it will also recognise quoted text where initials are used like:


If you come across quoted text using other characters you can add them in the 'Hard Return Stripper' section of Options.