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Reviews and Feedback

Armand Morin, one of the world's leading internet marketers, wrote this in his blog in December 2005:

"If you are marketing online, I’m sure you’ve run across the problem of formatting your emails to wrap at 65 characters and making it look properly in most email clients.

In my online ventures today, I found this tool which I found very easy to use and I would definitely recommend you also give it a try. http://www.formatbluesoftware.com

Give it a try. I'm sure you will find it very useful for your business."

"I've tried out a lot of similar programs and this is clearly the best of its type I've ever come across.

It's totally intuitive, does everything you need and is mercifully free of distracting bells and whistles. I don't think you could make a better choice."

Pearson Brown

Review of Text Formatter Plus

"FormatBlue Software saw that there are a lot of people writing text
based ezines (just like Kickstart) and that most of those ezines don't look very nice.

I have to agree - there is only so much that you can do with plain text formatting. HTML ezines look way better, but are hard to get delivered to subscribers.

They saw that most text based ezines are produced on text editors which, while they do the job, are not really designed with ezine writers in mind.

They wondered if it would be possible to create a new breed of text editor that was specifically intended to help ezine publishers to make their work look as good as possible while being as easy to use as the basic text editors.

Now they have created a new type of program that allows writers to set line lengths automatically, add templated formatting, indent both left and right, create bullet points and a whole heap of extras that are missing in every other editor I've ever seen.

I've been testing it out and so far I've been very impressed.

I thought that I would never turn my back on my existing text editor - but when a better solution comes along, it is just plain silly to hang on to the past!"

Martin Avis
KickStart ezine

Two years later, Martin is still very impressed:

"On Monday I promised to tell you about the most important piece of software on my PC.

It is something that I use almost every day - and if you add up all the hours that I use it, it is by far the most-used program I own.

I'm using it right now. Kickstart simply wouldn't be the same without it.

The program is called Text Formatter Plus and it is the very best program I know for writing text-based articles and newsletters.

Unlike most text editing software, Text Formatter Plus doesn't try to be all things to all men. It would be useless, for example, for writing PHP programs or HTML files.

But for what it is intended for - writing articles and newsletters - it is unrivalled.

Text Formatter Plus is a very cheap program, but one that I find absolutely indispensable."

Martin Avis
Kickstart Daily ezine

"Just wanted to say how useful I've found Text Formatter Plus since I started using it. I send out several newsletters a week, and I've always been slightly dissatisfied with their final appearance.

However it was a breeze with this program and they now look really

Thanks for making my life easier."

Kim Standerline